Title Talk with Paul Koch: I always get asked “How did you get into the title industry?”

My answer is always the same. “I didn’t, I just fell into it and stuck it out.” And that’s the truth. But let me tell you something…

The majority of people in the title industry, don’t dream of being in title and dealing with all the thankless back-end work. That back-end work, that has to happen in order for the entire closing process to work! We don’t dream of having to figure out what has to happen when someone in chain of title dies and they didn’t have a will? Or did? Or they were party to a Trust? Knowing what the difference is between a land trust and a revocable trust? Who has to sign? How do they sign? And the list is literally endless.

It’s an industry that once you get in it, and truly understand the why’s, the how’s, the where and the when’s it becomes part of YOU. I love figuring out the mystery, being drawn into the chaos and the stress. Then sooner or later it becomes part of your Blood, Heart and Soul. You start dreaming of properties and how to clear issues quickly to avoid extensions. Then it became more about the people you meet and the relationships build. You become friends and family with your clients and the lenders you work with all the time, even the buyers or the sellers. Like an old friend, you know you’ll see them again.