Title Talk with Paul Koch: Let me tell you why I stay in the title business.

It’s simple. It’s the relationships I’ve built from the clients that have truly become like my family.  Helping them grow their business and be more versed in their career is everything to me!

I love sitting with that First Time Home buyer and seeing their scared face as they walk into the office.  Nervous at first, then as soon as the closing starts…slowly they ease and when it’s done their faces are priceless! They are SO excited, happy and relieved!

Listening to the sellers’ story as to why they are selling. Or the stories of when they owned their home and those memories they’ll always take with them. The excitement they have in their eyes telling of a new adventure and the appreciation they show for making the process less stressful.

Helping Loan Officers succeed and build their business. I thrive on providing a wonderful experience for them and their clients. The amazing assistance you get from the title side with the Lenders and Loan Officers is a true partnership.

If I could make someone happy about their purchase or sale, help make the realtors look amazing in the process as well as the LO’s, then I’ve TRULY done my job as a title agent!

You have to have heart in what we do. Success in our industry doesn’t come by knowing it all, or knowing everyone. It is achieved when you genuinely care about what you do and the product you give out.  I do it because I truly love it and I truly care about all sides of the transaction!