The Story of Us

Cosmopolitan is more than just a name, it’s a tribute and standard of excellence set by my grandfather, Charles Turek. He was the proud owner of Cosmopolitan Insurance Agency, Inc and had an office in downtown Chicago. My grandfather was a first generation American, whose mother immigrated from Hungary and his father from Bohemia. They instilled a determination and set of values that has spanned throughout our family and our businesses. He was a truly amazing man who always had a kind word and a helping hand for those in need. My grandfather proudly served in WW II, loved his family, was an avid golfer, enjoyed “tinkering” with projects, baseball games and later in life, going to Vegas. He worked hard, but he also knew that living his life to fullest is one of the secrets to true happiness.

One thing that I found very special, was that every spring/summer he would have Shasta daisies growing in his back yard. The daisies, to me represented strength, growth, and a renewable spirit that can’t be contained. When I formed my own company, it was important that I make sure that I followed my grandfather’s lead and committed to a standard of excellence while providing an important service, just as he did. As a reminder and a tribute, the daisy became our logo. I never truly understood all he achieved when I was younger however now as an adult and a business owner I have a new-found respect for his abilities. He had a sense of community, family, and entrepreneurial spirit that I can still feel today. My only hope that I continue to make him proud and that our clients feel the same when they work with us!