Northern Kentucky’s Realtor of the Month: Brock Hart

We are proud to present Brock Hart from Apex Realty Group, as our selection for Realtor of the Month for our Northern Kentucky Office.  Although Brock is new to the industry, he has already made a name for himself and is sure to continue to be a rising star!

This time last year, Brock Hart was a teacher but knew his true passion was actually in real estate. So, with that passion, he decided to make the jump and become a realtor. His instincts paid off and eight months later he is on track to do over $7M in sales for 2018.

How did he do this you ask? Brock’s passion, drive, and commitment to his clients is second to none. Additionally, the relationships he has cultivated along the way have been invaluable.  The support  he has received, coupled with his work ethic have been a large component to his success. Brock strongly believes in treating clients like family! This was most recently demonstrated when a young couple needed his help in finding a home for their growing family. Although, there were several challenges that sprang up along the way Brock was still able to help make their dream a reality.

Contact Brock Hart today and let him help make your dream of home ownership come true!

PHONE:  859-496-7596