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Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

There are few things in life more important than protecting your home. The following matters are examples of why you need an Owners Title Insurance Policy from Cosmopolitan Title Agency. The best title examination or search cannot protect your equity and home from matters that are not appearing in the public records. An Owner’s Policy from Cosmopolitan Title Agency will protect you from the following:

  • Documents executed under false, revoked or expired powers of attorney
  • False impersonation of the true land owner
  • Undisclosed heirs
  • Improperly recorded legal documents
  • Prescriptive rights in another not appearing of record and not disclosed by survey
  • Failure to include necessary parties to certain judicial proceedings
  • Defective acknowledgments due to improper or expired notarization
  • Corporate franchise taxes as liens on corporate real estate assets
  • Gaps in the chain of title
  • Mistakes and omissions resulting in improper abstracting
  • Forged deed, mortgages, wills, releases or mortgages and other instruments
  • Deeds by minors
  • Deeds which appear absolute, but which are held to be equitable mortgages
  • Conveyances by and heir, devisee or survivor of a joint estate who attempts to attain title by ill gotten means
  • Inadequate legal descriptions
  • Conveyance by undisclosed divorced spouses
  • Duress in execution of wills, deeds and instruments conveying or establishing title
  • Issues involving delivery of conveyance instruments
  • Deeds and wills by persons lacking legal capacity
  • State inheritance and gift tax liens
  • Errors in tax records
  • Demolition and substandard building liens
  • Administration of estates and probate of wills of missing persons who are presumed deceased

Why Cosmopolitan Title Agency, LLC* is your best choice for title and escrow services

  1. Cosmopolitan Title Agency, LLC* is licensed to conduct title examinations and closings in the states of Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, meaning as your business expands, we are prepared to serve you in all areas of this market. We are capable of assisting in transactions in over 40 states.
  2. Cosmopolitan Title Agency, LLC* is dedicated on being proactive with all communications and needs of our clients and customers on every level.
  3. Cosmopolitan Title Agency, LLC* is always diligently aware of the contract close date and strives to complete the transaction on/before the date listed. Since we have the capability to receive documents electronically, either by e-mail or downloading document availability is never an issue for our closings.
  4. Cosmopolitan Title Agency, LLC* assigns you a processor at the very beginning of a file, who will be your “go to” person at all times during the closing process. The directors of Cosmopolitan Title will supervise the preparation of all closing documents, thereby assuring you, as our client, everything is done correctly and in a timely fashion.
  5. Cosmopolitan Title Agency, LLC* ensures your satisfaction with the guarantee that if you do not receive your title commitment or opinion within forty-eight (48) hours from the morning after the request is received, you will be personally contacted by one of our agents with an explanation of the delay and a time frame for receipt of title.
  6. Cosmopolitan Title Agency, LLC* is independently owned and has no ownership affiliations with mortgage brokers, banks, or other investors, thereby assuring the confidentiality of your customer files.
  7. Cosmopolitan Title Agency, LLC* is fully insured and approved with a large number of lenders and banks, and our network of service providers all maintain errors & omissions coverage at all times.
  8. Cosmopolitan Title Agency, LLC* is committed to being flexible with your customers with the capability to close on demand in the states we serve. Our agents will close throughout the day, and even on Saturdays, to meet your customer’s busy schedule. Cosmopolitan Title Agency, LLC* offers this at no extra charge to you or your customers.